Buncombe County Republican Men’s Club New Time and Day PLUS New Location. May 7th Meeting

The BCRMC is on a hot streak! The guest speaker for our next meeting on May 7 will be Mr. Isaac Herrin who will be speaking on the topic of “Changing the Message without Changing the Meaning.”Isaac is a recent alumni of Western Carolina University, where he founded the WCU College Republicans. He works in real estate in Bryson City NC and serves as layman at Cornerstone Wesleyan Church. He recently was re-elected to his post as Second Vice Chairman of the 11th District Republican Party, where he as worked on voter engagement/outreach across Western North Carolina.

The club is experimenting with an evening Dinner meeting at a new time and site. This will be at French Fryz restaurant on the corner of Hendersonville and Long Shoals Roads just south of the gas station on the southeastern corner of Hendersonville Road. We will be in a private meeting room where the full menu will be available for diners beginning at 5:00 p.m. with the business portion of the meeting to follow at 6:00. The current schedule of the First Tuesday of the month may be adjusted later depending on room availability and the wishes of our members and guests.

We cordially invite you to our May 7 meeting!

Bill Gainer
President Buncombe County Republican Men’sClub


Menu – French Fryz

The best burgers, chicken sandwiches, and fries in Asheville! Order online takeout from French Fryz in Skyland.

Judge James Buckley Echoes JBS: Demand Adherence to the Constitution

The New American – Judge James L. Buckley holds the rare distinction of having served in all three branches of the federal government. Even rarer among one who has spent nearly five decades in the federal government — and perhaps because of that time and experience — Buckley believes it is time to return to … Read moreJudge James Buckley Echoes JBS: Demand Adherence to the Constitution

Property rights should settle disputes

Carolina Journal – If you own it, you control it. That’s what it means to enjoy a property right, in a nutshell. It is a right safeguarded by North Carolina’s constitution as well as the 14th amendment to the federal constitution, among other provisions.

And it is a right denied every day by localities across North Carolina.

As you may know, there are political fights across our state right now about housing. Some communities, worried about worsening affordability and responding to the preferences of young consumers, are considering plans to open up their housing markets by allowing higher-density development, “granny flats,” and other ways to add capacity at a reasonable cost. To red more click here https://www.carolinajournal.com/opinion-article/property-rights-should-settle-disputes/

State schools superintendent offers budget, including pay raises for teachers

Carolina Journal – State Superintendent Mark Johnson has put a price tag on his plan to make North Carolina the best place for public school educators to begin, learn, and teach by 2030.

Johnson announced #NC2030, his education initiative to improve learning and teaching environments in the state, at a Feb. 19 dinner for legislators, educators, school and district leaders, and business and community leaders. On Friday, March 8, Johnson released his budget recommendations for the 2019-21 fiscal biennium.

#NC2030 is split into three parts: making North Carolina the best place to begin, the best place to learn and pursue career pathways, and the best place to teach. To read more click on https://www.carolinajournal.com/news-article/state-schools-superintendent-offers-budget-including-pay-raises-for-teachers/

Hayes Delegates Day-To-Day Operations Of NCGOP To Party Officers Per Rules

Raleigh, NC — Chairman Hayes today announced he has relinquished most of his day-to-day duties of managing the NCGOP to other constitutional officers. “In the best interest of the party, I make this announcement today and will let our respected officers lead on a temporary basis until our regularly planned party elections this June,” said Hayes. … Read moreHayes Delegates Day-To-Day Operations Of NCGOP To Party Officers Per Rules


Instructor: David Sawyer, Esquire, Past Chairman of The 11th Congressional District and Instructor with the North Carolina Chairman’s Association.
This unique workshop is especially designed for you and your officers. All chairman and first and second chairs are invited. The workshop is open to interested Republicans.
Republican Party Leadership is a BIG JOB. There are tricks of the trade, standard operating procedures and guidelines to help you. That is why David and others are taking this workshop across North Carolina. 2020, like every year will be full of challenges and TOGETHER we will prevail.
Chairman, please invite your leadership team to attend this important strategy workshop.
Where: Skyland Fire Department, Long Shoals Road, Asheville, NC
When: April 27, 2019 10:00 AM to 2P:M
Drinks, donuts and snacks available.
Please reply to me about the number and names of your leaders who will be attending. We need to be sure that we have adequate copies of materials available.
Betty Budd: At large member 11th District bbudd2@charter.net

Time for the N.C. Senate to Step Up on Eminent Domain

John Locke Foundation – The Castle Coalition is a national membership organization made up of homeowners and small business owners that want to protect their property from eminent domain abuse. To help its members understand their rights under existing state laws, the organization publishes a 50 State Report Card. The report card describes the protections provided under each state’s eminent domain law and assigns a grade based on “how hard [it is] for the government to take a person’s home or business and give it to someone else for private gain.”

North Carolina earned a C-, which isn’t a satisfactory grade. Only 18 states do worse.

As explained in the John Locke Foundation’s Freedom in North Carolina report, North Carolina’s failure to adequately protect private property from eminent domain abuse is one of the primary reasons why we languish in the bottom half of states, both nationally and regionally in the “regulatory freedom” category.

To read more Click Here