District 11 Candidate Forum


The message below was sent to each of our twelve candidates for our Congressional seat currently held by Mark Meadows.  I hope that you will be able to attend AND volunteers are needed to assist in the planning of the event and on the day of the event.  Please email me to let me know of your planned attendance and of your volunteering to help!

Good morning, and thank each of you for your bid to become our next Candidate Forum!    We look forward to meeting each of you and to a good campaign which would enable us to retain this very important seat in Congress.

Our 17 County Chairs have been provided with your contact information and may also contact you with invitations to their individual County events.  Obviously, you may want to attend as many of these events as your schedules would allow.

 The District Executive Committee will be sponsoring one Candidate Forum and hopes that all of you would be available to participate.  Our event is now scheduled for Saturday, January 25 on the campus of A-B Tech in Asheville.  The event will be held in the Ferguson Auditorium (directions attached) from 2-4 pm.  We look forward to having you introduce yourself and to provide us with your vision on the issues facing our District, State and our Country.  Our moderator will be prepared with a number questions and, time permitting, we will entertain written questions from the audience.

 Please respond ASAP to this message:

1) indicating your intention of attending and  

2)providing us with a short bio (4-5 sentences) so that we may distribute this basic information to our voting public prior to the event.


We look forward to a great event – thank you for participating!“


Aubrey Woodard


NC 11th Congressional District GOP