America Is Poised to Collapse From Within

The Daily Signal – Two hundred and forty-four years after the 13 British colonies in North America declared their independence and became a sovereign nation, America is poised to collapse from within. Her imminent demise will not come from foreign troops quartered on her soil. It will come from Marxists and anarchists who use racial grievance and the cries of the oppressed to dismantle America’s institutions and defenses.

Insurrection labeled as “peaceful protest” is the battering ram weakening our nation’s foundations. Using the voices of the oppressed and deceived masses, and their bodies and legitimate grievances as shields, is part of a deliberate plan to bring about a new order guaranteed to be worse than what exists now.

We are at a historical moment where America’s institutions of higher education, many of them founded and led by Christian leaders, have rejected their Founders and become transmission belts for socialism and Marxist propaganda.

Using concepts such as “white privilege” and “systemic racism,” these social justice warriors have inverted traditional concepts of equality, justice, and freedom as embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution with its Bill of Rights.

These foundational documents provided the institutional mechanisms for positive change that in time came through the passage of ground-breaking civil rights laws and protections—since expanded to include affirmative action designed to address and remedy the effects of past and present discrimination.

More is demanded because America’s enemies understand the heart and soul of its people. The current racial narrative that focuses on “white supremacy” is a distorted narrative aimed at achieving goals that are neither desirable nor attainable. Government cannot fix the individual choices people make that cause some to prosper and others to languish in generational poverty.

The false narratives about America’s racial evils conveniently omit the actions of Christian and Jews who worked tirelessly over the last two-plus centuries to bring about justice for the downtrodden.

Jewish and Christian men and women, often working through their congregations, risked everything to fight against the evils of slavery and to empower newly freed slaves and hardworking freedmen. As a result, many of those helped with a hand up went on to establish businesses and attain educations that enabled them to become valued and productive citizens.

The current agitation for defunding police departments on top of demanded reparations ignore basic facts of history. Chaos ensues in the absence of law enforcement, and any monetary benefits from reparations to the descendants of slaves comes on top of the trillions of dollars already spent on programs and scholarships that have helped many blacks to thrive in America.

The current racial narrative uses the oppressor/victim rhetoric to make a new class of victims among white people who are supposed to feel shame because of their race and ancestry. This is being accomplished through the brainwashing of America’s youth and the silencing of white adults who know better.

There is a disregard for the individuality and struggles for millions of white Americans who bear no responsibility either for the sins of their ancestors or the choices of other groups.

As a nation we best return to the pursuit of life, liberty, and justice as core principles and non-negotiable human rights. We are at a moment where our nation is at the mercy of domestic extortionists. They have usurped power from impotent leaders no longer willing to fight for principles higher than themselves. Love of God and country have yielded to love of self.

All this has left our nation teetering on the edge of a precipice. I believe we have a small window of time to reclaim our core values and principles. Reclaiming what made America unique among nations will require educating young and old about national history and its Judeo-Christian roots. It will also require civic knowledge and a return to patriotism. It is the American national identity that will hold us together, not the divisive tribalism fostered by identity politics.

If we are to survive this moment of massive unrest, men and women of goodwill must step up to build on what our nation’s Founders left behind. Building will require a rediscovery of our founding documents and the biblical principles that emphasize loving one’s neighbor as one’s self. The Golden Rule to do unto others as you would have them do unto you applies.

Our greatest universal strength lies in our written Constitution, which provides the basis for the rule of law. It is time for our leaders of all races to defend the document that has stood the test of time.

Under our system of government, the power rests in the hands of the people. It is “We the People” addressed in the preamble of our great Constitution who must stand up; it is “Be the People” who will reclaim their nation and its Judeo-Christian heritage and what that has meant to the world.

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Our State Convention

North Carolina Republicans:  We cannot overstate the importance of our State Convention to the North Carolina Republican Party. More than…

North Carolina Republicans:

We cannot overstate the importance of our State Convention to the North Carolina Republican Party. More than just a formality or requirement of our Plan of Organization, our annual Convention is a critical event where our delegates and guests gather to elect our leaders, raise money for the Party, network, hear from local, state and federal Republican Candidates and conduct official Party business. It has been an integral part of the NCGOP throughout our 150-year history.

Given the events of this year related to the spread of COVID-19, we have worked extremely hard to find a way to host a stellar Convention in Greenville while complying with federal, state, and local regulations and guidelines for hosting major events. We have moved the date of the Convention twice in conjunction with Governor Cooper’s Executive Orders, compressed our schedule and worked with medical and public health experts, as well as the staff at the Greenville Convention Center, our host hotels and our vendors to develop a plan for hosting a safe gathering.

Unfortunately, we were very disappointed to receive a letter last evening from Dr. Betsy Tilden, Governor Cooper’s state health director and chief medical officer, stating her opposition to the NCGOP moving forward with a physical Convention. Despite acknowledging the fact that the NCGOP proposed to limit attendance in the Greenville Convention Center to less than 25 percent of the venue’s capacity, require face masks to be worn at all times, have over half of the delegates to the Convention participate virtually and take dozens of other steps to comply with CDC Guidelines, state regulations and suggestions from health experts to reduce health risks, Dr. Tilden stated the Convention “could result in a large number of cases and severely ill people requiring hospitalizations and could jeopardize our ability to move forward in easing restrictions.”

After discussing Dr. Tilden’s letter and the Governor’s extension of his Phase 2 lockdown with our legal team and the Greenville Convention Center, I and the other members of our Convention Committee have come to the unfortunate conclusion that we must cancel the in-person portion of our Convention.

In order to meet our deadline to elect Delegates and Alternates to the RNC Convention, as well as hold leadership elections and conduct other party business, we will be moving forward with our Convention as a virtual event, as we did with our District Conventions.  Over the next few days, we will be communicating with the Delegates to the State Convention about the process for participating.

We are deeply disappointed that Governor Cooper and his team have made it impossible for us to move forward with a physical Convention, despite the fact that we have been willing to follow all state regulations, CDC Guidelines and suggestions from medical experts for hosting a safe event. We are grateful for the support of the Greenville Convention Center, our Host Hotels, and our vendors, who have been remarkable partners as we have tried to host our event in Greenville and look forward to working with them on future opportunities to host events for the Party.


Michael D. Whatley
Chairman, NCGOP

I’m suing to uphold the rule of law

Today, I notified Governor Cooper that, as a member of the Council of State, I will be suing his administration for violating the Emergency Management Act. The Governor has repeatedly ignored the law, enacting mandates that selectively target the businesses and citizens of North Carolina without concurrence from a majority of the Council of State.

Before I officially file my suit, the Governor is required by law to approve the use of independent legal counsel. State agencies in North Carolina are required to use the Attorney General’s office to file lawsuits or else get an exception from the Governor. As the Attorney General has been responsible for drafting the unlawful Executive Orders I’m challenging, I have decided the only path forward is with independent counsel.

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Dan Forest Candidate for Governor

Dan Forest · Raleigh, NC, United States

From Commissioner Robert Pressley

For everyone who has read or heard about yesterday’s Buncombe County Commission emergency meeting, you now understand why we need a change in leadership. In a 4-3 vote along party lines, the majority Democrat commissioners approved an order to require employees and patrons to wear masks inside commercial businesses, such as restaurants and retail stores.

As commissioners, our job is to support our community, not to create unnecessary rules or hardships. We should suggest options for the safety of our citizens, but we should not approve mandates without solid evidence. We don’t legislate based on opinions or partisan agendas. We owe it to the people we represent to research and base our decisions on facts.

These are very serious times we are in. This virus is real and tensions are high. It is important to research all available information and potential issues and those must be considered and weighed in every decision we make. I don’t believe Commission Chair Brownie Newman + 3 did so before approving this face mask order and I don’t support overriding the state with stricter requirements.

If the state believes a recommendation is sufficient, then I don’t think we should mandate that citizens or businesses in Buncombe County be held to higher standards than others in North Carolina, especially when such an order cannot be enforced. Our businesses have already been hit hard by the shut down. We should not be driving people to visit counties outside of Buncombe in order to avoid complying with an unnecessary mandate.

I am asking our colleagues on the other side of the aisle to amend this order to make it a recommendation, as other cities and counties across the country have had the wisdom to do.